I’m Kinda Worried About The Sun, Are These Hot?
The vast bulk of the units owned by us avoids direct overhead sunlight. The open sides of the units enable easy air flow in and out of the systems to keep your children well aerated and as cool as possible.

If you actually want to remain cool, lease a water slide!

Do You Deliver?
Absolutely! Our motorists will provide and establish each item and guarantee that it is clean and in excellent working condition well before your party begins and return to take it down after the celebration is over. Setup usually takes about 15-30 minutes per piece, and take down has to do with the same. As we prefer to say, all you have to do is point where you want it set up, sign (waivers) and pay.

Do I Need Power?
Inflatables plug into a basic 110 home outlet. We will supply the cable, but we ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are using. Placement of our inflatable should be no more than 100 feet from that outlet. In the event that you would like to establish an inflatable at a park or place without an electric outlet within 100ft, let us know, and we can usually arrange to use a generator for an added fee.